I am after some DDR ram as i want to upgrade a pc i have been given(which is way better than mine) i notice on ebay they have things next to them like pc3200 or 200mhz, how will i know which ones will work in my computer? any advice will be greatly received....Thank you.


    goto and use the system scanner, it'll tell you what your board can take. It'll also give you the type and price. Have a look about to see if you can get it cheaper

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    +rep added. thank you


    +rep added. thank you

    Thanks and your welcome

    Is it a branded PC ? ie . Dell , Acer or whatever , as sugested go to Crucial and feed in the make and model and read off the specs or use their scanner . You could however , take the side off the PC and take a memory stick out and write down the details ........for instance :1GB-PC4200-DDR2-533Mhz .Once you have the spec , pop across to Play.C-o-M , they normally have some goods deals on memmory . I've bought loads for PC's and laptops from them and have had no trouble with it .


    Crucial is wronh sometimes, much better to use cpu-z, anyway if it's ddr2 … Crucial is wronh sometimes, much better to use cpu-z, anyway if it's ddr2 it's a fair bit cheaper and the number is just the speed so any should do really.

    Never had problem with the crucial scanner tbh.
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