DDR RAM memory needed for 2 desktops.

Anywhere cheap??

I have 2 needs.

1) My main computer blue screens every couple of hours. I'm sure it's corrupt memory. The thing is under warranty but there's a few reasons I'd rather do it myself... a) I've got too much stuff on it. b) They've messed it up before twice and if they fix it something else will go wrong and c) they wouldn't know what a computer was if they used one daily. So any size of RAM really, I need at least 512Mb in total so what's the best way to do it? It's possible that just one of the sticks is corrupt, so once I've checked I might be able to get just the one 256 stick.

2) A PC which isn't used much has 256Mb of shared memory. Because it's shared I only ever get 196Mb out of it, and seen as most programs need 256Mb I'd be best off getting a 256Mb stick to accompany the one which is there, then it'll be a bit faster.

So that's a possibility of 2x 256Mb, 3x 256Mb or 1x 256Mb and 1x 512Mb. I should really have checked exactly what I needed before posting but I really just want to know what it'll cost so I can make some decisions on what to do.



Are you sure it's not a case of too many programmes running in the background?

But the best place to buy memory is Crucial.Com/UK you can use a 5% discount code from the voucher section.

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Thanks guys. My sister's boyfriend might be able to get me some spare stuff he has lying around apparantly.

Ray, it's actually doing a Blue Screen of Death and bringing up lots of different messages. Some say "_MEMORY_" at the top. The only thing I can do is reboot. I tapped some into google and a couple of sites suggested removing a stick of RAM if there are two of them.

I've got a dowload to check the memory for errors, so I'll have a look.

This type of error could also be down to dust ?? is inside your computer dusty ?

try removing the RAM then blow inside the bit it clips into

maybes a tin of compressed air my do the job ? dont know jsut a suggestion, as an technician i wouldnt go straight into buyin memory
Hope this helps

dust or overheating my cause this, but then again it could be down 2 faulty memory hehe

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I think it's Microsoft where I can get the download. Where ever it was tells me to put it onto disk and reboot the computer, using this as a boot-disk. It'll then scan the RAM and find bad sectors. It sounds like it's worth a try...

deffintly worth ago

id also reccomend "blowing away" dust as dust causes memory to do very strange things, also check your bios see what the temperate is (there should be an option in the bios to see what the temp is) as over heating in the system also causes the nice blue screen of death

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I've just remembered that my PC was getting hot when I bought it. We assumed that it was a mistake. I was getting 74 degrees for CPU!! When my mates had a look at it we dismissed it as faulty sensors because one read 0 and one read -54!! Right... it's going back to the shop. They've probably put one of those cooling pads on instead of gel - they dry out so fast.

Well over heating does cause the blue screen ov death !!

the gel is pritty cheep on some sites, but its gone out of my head wot the name of them is !! so i cant do a search ( ithink its was ebuyer summit like 30p per tube)

Actually I forgot about that until you mentioned it big_anth. I had a PC which did the same because of the faulty CPU fan. It also slows everything down, freezing programmes... Thanks for the reminder

yeah thats right

actualy that mite be the fault, might be fan rather than the cooling gel.....
Good luck

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Well I had some software which measures several things and the fan speed seemed to be okay.

so did your software say anything about dodgy memory ?

well.... like what was said before, try the cooling gel and try blowing away any dust that may be there

if it comes up with a blue screen then restarts try this..

this might be a long shot, iv only seen it some times, if your runnin XP pro, when it boots up, continuisly press F8 which presents a few options (safe made etc) there is an option saying "halt on errors" or something along those lines, this will give you more info on what the problem is as it will stick on the blue screen ov death (so you can see the error) if this makes sence

but if it does just stick on the blue screen try googling the error code !

Hope this help
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