DDR SDRAM PC2700 333 MHz 2x1Gb or 2x512Mb

    Hi there,
    I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my PC, and I'm looking to get either 2 x512mb or 2 x 1Gb (prefeably the latter, obviously, but financial constraints of being a student may limit my options). I need PC2700 standard 333 MHZ cards, and haven't managed to find any cheap stuff on the web - even using google checkout i was a bit disappointed to be honest. Was wondering if anyone knew of a site where you can get this stuff pretty cheap - I've tried savastore, ebuyer, etc so far.
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    The cheapest I can find is ]this one, 1GB strip, at ebuyer, with google checkout it works out to £30 + delivery. But I guess you've already looked at that offer, did you manage to find one that's better?

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    Cheers mate - that's the best I've found so far. I was just hoping there would be some cheaper around, but I feel I may be being optimistic. Will keep looking, but my upgrade may be on standby atm!

    £30 a gig is probably the cheapest DDR you'll find I reckon. Problem is 1GB is a large capacity for DDR and the memory chips themselves are more expensive to make/buy (as they are larger) than DDR2, I can't see a 2GB for £35 deal happening like seems to happen often these days with DDR2. Also remember the GC discount probably won't be around too much longer. That said, I've been wrong about these things before and will be again!

    You might be best getting 2 of ]these 512mb sticks (£30.56 delivered after GC) and having 1gb of ram, then start saving for a new motherboard/cpu that supports DDR2. Not sure what system you have at the moment, but its worth considering that with GC discount you can get new motherboards and CPUs for about £25 each delivered (dual-core CPUs from about £40 delivered) and 2GB quality-branded DDR2 for under £40, so a whole new platform wont work out that much more expensive than 2GB DDR!

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    Cheers for the advice buddy - I think I may get the 2x512 DDR. I'm using an Elonex Exentia - one of those all in one media centre PCs with the whole lot built into the screen. Problem is, Elonex went bust, so my 3 year support isn;t worth the paper it's written on, and the PCs are reknown for having PSU problems. I've already got through 2, and am trying to work out whther it's worth just startin afresh with a new PC. I haven't really got the cash, and the PC is still technically quite good (3 Ghz, 180 gig HD, 128mb Graphics) but is worth next to nothing. It's running rather slowlyat the mo (spyware isn;t helping!), and I thought upping the RAM may mean I can put off buying a new PC for another few months...

    I see, I guess thats the problems with systems such as that - lack of upgradability. 1GB ram definately helps with XP (and is a must with Vista), so perhaps the ram upgrade and a reinstall of windows to clean any spyware would be the best bet.

    You might not be interested but have you ever considered running linux, it's much more advanced than it used to be and there's no problems with viruses, spyware, etc., my system (with 512MB) runs sidux a hell of a lot faster than windows xp. You could give it a go by trying out a live cd, no need to install anything. Go to ]this post for links. If you like it you can create a dual-boot setup with windows xp on one partition and linux on another partition of the hard drive.

    Why not ask in a computer ads newsgroup. Usually you'll pick up some good deals there.
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