DDR1 SO-DIMM 200pin RAM 1GB

    I am looking to upgrade the ram on an old tired laptop I have 512mb in one slot
    but have a spare slot under a very hard to remove keyboard (what a place to put it !!)

    The best price I have seen is about £29 for crucial memory at DABS
    Does anyone know if there is any better deals out there ?

    DDR2 so-dimm 200pin will not fit as there is a slight difference in the insertion slot where it lines up and there's prob other technical reasons why it would not work anyway

    Its not much of a difference and I bet some people have tried to jam the wrong one in !!

    Any help would be most appreciated !



    Check out playdotcom , I've bought loads of ram from them for laptops & pc's in the past and had no trouble .Most is free postage too.

    Original Poster

    cheers for the replies i will check both comments out
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