Deactivating 5 accounts from one PS3 (game sharing)

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Found 9th Sep 2009
Did some game sharing ages ago on here, didn't realise it was 5 people max, i thought it was the game you could dl 5 times d'oh! Anyway phoned Sony up and tread very quietly because of the TOS, guy told me to deactivate the PS3 by going into account management, PS3 then game, activated it and again it still says the 5 times activated message!

Anyway all i'm asking is that has anyone got round this? i basically said that i have sold the console with my auto log in details still on, and that i am trying to share my games with my son's console.

cheers! (and yes i'm naughty for doing it in the first place!).


have you installed the game on 5 accounts on one ps3.
or installed it on 5 different ps3's?

Original Poster

5 different dan *shoots self in head!

how many games did you buy?
*shoots aphex187 in head a couple of more times*

i didnt think you'd be able to do anything but found this, might make a bit more sense of what you trying to do.…em/

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dan dannnnnnnnn omg what have i done!!! i can't believe how thick i am! guy at Sony has de-activated mine so all me games won't work!!! gonna jump off a cliff, why do i do things like this first thing on a morning? omg i am stupid!!!!!

I am going to have to buy a new PS for my games to work.....

im under the impression, you need to log on to any ps3 with your orignal details,
then get one of the other 4 accounts - deactivated. (assuming they wont cos you game swapped with them!?)
so your saying if you buy a new ps3, and activate your account on it you can redown them?
can you not now activate you account on your sons ps3 by logging in then download them?
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