Dead pixel on LG IPS234V-PN from Amazon - return it?

LocalFound 26th Mar 2013
Recently got an LG IPS234V-PN from Amazon. It's great except for a dead pixel, which shows up as black on white images, or more distractingly green on dark images.

My experience in the past is that Amazon are great with returns, and will often send out an item before you even post yours back - apparently irrespective of the type of fault.

However, I'm aware that there is some commonly accepted number of dead pixels before a panel is considered "faulty".

To return or not to return?

Many thanks in advance.
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Defo return it will just bug you if you dont
return, just wondering how old is it?
Delivered yesterday. Just turned it on. Strangest thing - can't see as green on black any more, but as black on white only. Have to look more closely for it. Now closer in appearance to a spec of dust that won't clean off.
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i got a monitor off amazon last year with a dead pixel
returned it and got a full refund
i didn't mention that fault .just told them sometimes it works and on a few occasions it didn't
I'd return it and say its not what you expected ( dead pixel policy prob wouldn't cover it. )
Distance sellers ie tel/Internet have to accept returns as you can't physical see product before purchase (usually 30 days)


I found that link on google in 2 seconds
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