dead pixels on nokia 5800

Found 8th Mar 2009
Hi, has anyone had any experience with nokia with repairs? My 5800 has 2 stuck pixels, although very small its annoying, I'm just wondering if nokia will repair/replace a phone with only dead pixels (nothing else is wrong with it) and how easy it is. I bought it from virgin mobile a month ago but they don't stock them anymore and I don't have the original memory card that came with it. I tried a stuck pixel video but had no luck after hours of use.

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If their like monitors there a min number of pixel needed to be duff before it's classed as a fault (and it can depend on where they are). . .
ive never seen a phone with dead pixels. ever.
no dead pixles but the my has the earpiece bug that will effect most 5800's made before jan

Yeah but a hpone doesn't have many to begin with.

That's an excellent point :oops:
Why don't you ring them and ask them?
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