Dead Rising 2 for PS3?

    Im thinking about getting Dead Rising 2 for the PS3,
    Anyone got it? Whats it like?


    Fun, basically the same as the original (down to some maps and bosses)

    some replay value but the loading screens kill the game for me, it becomes run through area - 1 minute loading screen - repeat until end credits

    I've played the game way too much on the 360, I'm at level 50 have a shed loads of health and I can carry loads of items too...

    I would suggest if you do get it, to not worry about trying to complete the game in the first day, in fact I'd actually ignore the case files until you're level 20+ just do the little sub missions to gain PP and slay many zombies.

    Another tip would to play TIR the online game a few times to accrue some money, then collect the 3 gambling magazines, one is in the magazine shop upstairs in the first mall, another is upstairs in the shop top right of the map in the second mall and the last one is behind the bar in he gamblers where the SUV is., get these three magazines, keep hold of them and spend an age on giant fruit machine.

    shop names and casino's have escaped me....

    but by gambling and earning over $6,000,000 (takes a while quite boring) you can buy the SUV ($2,000,000) and other bits on bobs, and then you can build on your PP

    like dead rising 1, a waste of time imo,

    from all i can make out all you do is go arround killing zombies in a comical fashion that are about as effective at attacking as a slug in water... just seems like a waste of time to me
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