Dead set

    Does anyone know if any of the shows are going to be repeated again? I wateched yesterdays one and i can watch todays, but wednesday im going out so wont be able to see it.

    Does E4 have an iPlayer type thing like bbc? and if so do i have to download it?



    probaly will knowing e4? catch it on Od its going to be realsed on dvd on monday, tbh i dont think your going to miss much? what about plus 1?


    So what did everyone think about it? I know there were a few peeps on … So what did everyone think about it? I know there were a few peeps on here waiting to see it.

    Didnt think it was all it was craked up to be. The camera anlges where all weird and it was hard to tell what you were staring it. also too many breaks

    Sky+ !!!


    4OD its called, no downloads required … 4OD its called, no downloads required

    thats more or less what i said lol

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    Ok, thanks! did no one else think it was any good then?

    I quite liked it tbh :?

    It was so-so

    Best bit was the zombie Davina, I thought that, that look worked really well for her :-)

    i liked it, reminded me of twenty eight days later, it was what i expected it to be,

    very dissapointing

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    If anyone missed any of the episodes you can watch here for free with out the annoying ads:…set

    Some really good bits so far, especially when the guy sacrificed the guy in the wheelchair to the zombies! and some great lines from the dumb people about GM foods and using up all the air.

    Cant wait till tonight now
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