dead space 2 demo

Found 30th Jan 2011
anyone with the full game and has played the demo?
please could you tell me if the demo does this game justice or is the full game much better
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I just got it today on Ps3, really enjoying it, it's quite difficult and atmospheric, first boss battle is good but easy to exploit (the old - there's a giant pillar and if you run round it it chases you thing from Tomb Raider II)

Graphics aren't amazing, still scares the crap out of me at points though.
is the music a vital part in order to make it scary?
did you play the demo?
is the full game much better.
thinking of buying it but unsure at the moment.
anyone recommend a better game? (answer my question as well plz)
Music is a big part yes, obviously going to be a lot better with the lights off and the music creeping,

didn't play the demo no, not sure which part the demo shows but i've enjoyed it all so far (bar a confusing part where its too dark to navigate properly)

Black ops and GT5 are the best out there at the minute for me, Killzone 3 out soon.
is it (music) a very big part or will i get the same thrills by playing without music.
(just the music not the sound effects)
spent most the weekend in the dark as its the best way to play it so far chapter 7
Easy answer if you liked Dead Space 1 and want more of the same then buy it.

I have played DS1 through 3 times trying to max weapons and the suit etc, doesnt get dull, especially with 5.1 surround!
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