'Dead Space Extraction Ps3??

    This may be a silly question, but...

    My Dead Space 2 Limited Edition arrived today. Wanted to play the extraction bit first... but i can't seem to find it anywhere in the options???

    Any ideas?


    Original Poster

    Ha, never mind. I was thinking it would be like Red Dead and have a separate main game selection option, but it's a separate install from the disc!

    Problem solved

    lol, i had that problem! silly really, should be in "extras" in the game.

    Original Poster

    Yeah I agree! that's where I was looking, and I was like.. where on earth is it??? Don't I have it?!

    It's where most additional content on other games is found! Didn't help that I was half asleep after coming home from a night shift, to find my game waiting for me! Heh!
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