Dead Windows 7 Laptop

    Whats the best way to get the data off the HDD?



    Take the harddrive out and use a usb cradle?

    Yup easiest way is to use a 2.5 ide or sata usb enclosure.

    ebay have them for quite cheap.

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    Thanks so I will be able to access all the data then? even on C drive? it's not encrypted etc?

    If it's a SATA drive, it should be possible to connect it straight into a desktop PC with a spare SATA connector and get the data off that way. Hope you get it sorted OK. Good luck.

    that's correct, it will be a external hard drive, you'll be able to see all the data.

    you can get a cheap enclosure for £3


    Easiest way is to plug it into a desktop using sata.

    For that you need to make sure the PSU has a sata power connector as well or you'll have to buy a converter from IDE to SATA power adapter.

    That is if the hard drive is a sata.
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