Deadliest warrior-this is just ridiculous and hilarious!

    Link in first post-in case you have never heard of this programme,they set up hypothetical battles between warriors from history-vikings vs zulus etc and you have to guess who would win the fight before they actually stage the battle.

    This,incredibly is a battle between the ira and the taliban,fought in a carpark! total madness!


    No wonder it's on a channel like Bravo :P

    haha, looks funny!

    whens it on tv that looks well funny?

    It's quite interesting, especially the simualted fights at the end, although I prefer the Human Weapon.

    :lol: all i can say is wtf tht was awesome

    for a tv show, the battle scene is actually quite good

    Bravo only bought it after it got a lot of attention on youtube and that C4 Charlie Brooker panel show.

    It is silly tosh when they run the "re-enactment/simulation". Some of the science stuff on the weapons is quite interesting though.

    How do they decide who wins?


    How do they decide who wins?

    "Officially" their boy genius computer nerd runs 1000 computer simulations with 100's of different parameters. "Unofficially" I suspect they flip a coin.
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