MODS, why are we allowed to edit everyone elses OP's apart from our own????????

I can add, but i can not edit
- bellabonkers

So can I! No editing just adding more info.
- harlzter

- morris7

What ya mean?
- Liddle ol' me


I can edit ! lolz
- dean3988

I can't edit, .... !! only add to >>!
- snowtiger

Wow so you can!!

Just thought I would try it!
- lawe


I'm not a mod, but I'm pretty sure you can edit your own :?

Original Poster

i can edit this thread but not one of the other ones.

are you not able to add to your op?

People do ADD to others threads but i dont think they can change any info on there


Yeah you can add info to the end of other's OP, but you can't edit it...

I just checked and i can add to your OP but not edit it. I can edit an OP that i made though. lol and whoops my name came up twice

Original Poster

i can edit all OP's. I am a MOD!!!! RAAAAH!!!!

This was discussed a couple of weeks ago when somone was adding tags (nasty ones) to someone elses thread, he moaned and we all jumped on the bang wagon. Cant b bothered to look for it

"Error: You do not have a high enough reputation to edit this deal." thats what i get,lol
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