deal extreame delivery

    i ordered a toptoy a few days ago with other items, ive recieved one out of the 4 items today with a little note saying the rest " Should" follow???
    am i likely to get what i ordered? or should i buy it somewhere else?
    any help would be great guys as the DSTT was for my son and i havent told him yet..
    forgot to mention i tried the contact us on the site but it says it can take upto 14 days to reply


    All my orders from them have come in 2 or more parcels not sure why but everything has turned up eventualy

    Not another 'nightmare' is it.

    i have got them notes several times but my stuff still arrived !

    only on one occasion did they not and a quick email and a scan of the note and they resent them... so keep hold of the note just in case


    i ordered few items and the was ordered 25th of april postage on 29th and arrived on friday 2nd and 6th baring in mind that monday was the bankholiday

    If they have a delay with an item they will send the 1st part of your order, and then the rest later.

    It also helps you because there is less chance of you being clobbered with customs duty.

    From my experience things always arrive eventually (mini bluetooth dongle took about 4 weeks - but worth the wait!), sometimes in an order though if its several items one item can delay the rest if stock is not in, so I al;ways order items seperately with half hour or so in between to give time for others orders to seperate them so as they dont get bundled together as one order,(unless its more than one of the same item then I will order those together) that way one item doesnt delay the others.

    Although strangely enough I did order several items together on my first order and got a email note saying the other items where going to be coming later, but for some reason the other items arrived first - so i'd got them b y the time I got the note!
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