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just bought few things from deal extreme how long does delivery take
?? are they very reliable thanks in advance rep given


Delivery can take weeks, especially for things like DSTT, but they are pretty reliable and the items will arrive eventually!
Never had any problems with them and if customs sting you they should refund your charge.

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ok thanks for that rep added

bought a 360 plug and play charger off them. took just over a week to get here so might take a while but extremely reliable and no complaints from me.

they are great so far with me - bought some stuff at the end of last week and it arrived yesterday so I'm happy - have now ordered more - love them!!!!


Hmmm. Long times being displayed here!

Maybe I've just been lucky. With the exception of one order which had items out of stock, nothing has taken more than 10 days. The last order took just 6 days.

Had a delivery yesterday and box was empty, never had any trouble with then before tho and wont stop me using them as prices are great and i'm sure in the end prob will get stuff always been between 6-10 days.....:thumbsup:

My screen protectors arrived 2 days after they sent them But usually it's about 4 or 5 days with 2 days for DealExtreme to send

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thanks for help lol its brill site it mite be the fact you can practically half the price shown because of exchange rate lol
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