Deal extreme delivery times??

Found 1st May 2009
I understand that ordering from deal extreme takes a while to come but just wondering how long. I ordered something on 20th April and it hasn't been shipped yet. I'm off on holiday on 20th May but I need the item beforehand to put some DS games on.
How long does it normally take?? If not I need to get some games!!
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i reckon you'll get it in around 2 weeks
mine came after 10 days but be warned when my card came it was a fake didnt work this was in march still havent heard back from them
thats a myth, they are very good within i say 7-9 days i have ordered many items from them
I haver ordered from them a few times and once it took about a week but the other one two over 2 weeks and it was the same item.
So I guess all depends on whether they had the item or not and at what point the dispatch the item.

Normally once they dispatched the item it should be about a week I would say.
last time i ordered i think it took a week and a half to come
i ordered something recently. think it arrived within the week, 10 days at the most. this seems to be the norm as I've ordered other things from other companies in Hong Kong and they've arrived within this time frame.
Great thanks. It was in stock at the time. I hope it works I was recommended it from someone on here!! I knew it would be slow but had expected it to be have been sent by now
be warned it can take up to six weeks? depends on stock, and if u order th dstt card they are fake and will replace them better ordering the r4 card :thumbsup:
It does seem to vary, I have had dozens of orders from them, anything from 5 days to 3 weeks but on average I would say around 10 days.... have you had a despatch email yet?
Yes it's a DSTT card. I haven't had any sort of email from them at all. It also has the other bit to it (a card reader??) It was recommended to me as I haven't a clue about all this stuff. Getting worried now as going on holiday on 20th and need it by then. Any othere suggestions for the same sort of price. Thanks so much for your help so far
Delivery times from DE I find in the last month is the best they have been as long as te item is in stock....

I have ordered dozens of items for about 2 years and my last order came in 6 days (Last week)

If an item is on back order it can be hell..... Many weeks before dispatch etc....

I ordered a phone on the 11th of December so should i be expecting soon then ???????
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