Deal Extreme - How Quick usually?

    I've ordered from them before, but eons ago. I seem to remember it varied quite a bit. Anyone who has ordered recently - roughly how long does it take to reach you in the UK - assuming you order stuff claimed to be in stock.

    Is FocalPrice any quicker?



    bout 2 weeks i think it was for me aint ordered for ages

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    I need something for 16th September. It's pretty cheap so I guess I should just order now and cross my fingers!

    Depends on how popular the item you are ordering is. Ive had stuff sent within 3days of ordering and some stuff to take 3 weeks before being sent. But once its sent typically took less than a week to receive my items.

    Generally 10 - 14 days after ordering


    i've had some items arrive 5 days after ordering and other things 3 weeks later

    i got mine in 10 days ..
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