deal extreme xmas post

    Deal extreme ordered back in october 20th something ...not arrived but found something on a search all hongkong stuff currently on 21day hold for usa export pending customs.....anyone else had a delay on orders usually its here within 3weeks


    Deal Extreme can always be hit and miss for timings, just give it time.

    As I always say, if it's something you desperately need or quite fancy coming sooner rather than later, don't buy from DX.

    DX and FocalPrice have really gone to pot.

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    DX and FocalPrice have really gone to pot.

    I know ... just found loads of ppl moaning in dx forum looks like its hongkong post is the problem mail with a stamp on gets priority but mail with franked style stamp is 2nd


    not dealextreme, but I've been waiting 4 weeks from stuff from over there from an ebay seller who is usually mega reliable so it quite possibly could be postal problems

    2 recent orders from Hong Kong (not from DX though) took 6 weeks after being dispatched to drop through my door, would normally expect it to take 3 weeks max. Latest DX order was posted on 16/11 but hasn't yet left the country.

    i ordered a few things off DX on Oct 1st , after being told a pack of lies , 6 different tracking numbers, items were in and out of stock like i change my socks! finally had a refund off paypal yesterday. I ordered the exact same items of ebay again from China and they arrived in 6 days so personally i think its just dealextreme yet again. my advice OP file with paypal cos i doubt your going to get your items

    Try suntek…tml ordered 2 orders from them and they both came through in about a week. The have a bizarre mix of items but some items are a little bit more expensive than DX and Focalprice.

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    thanks for the updates
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