deal got removed

    just recently added a deal on the deal page, and was removed in 10 minutes no idea why it was removed, im confused can someone help me out?


    It had probably been already listed.. Best thing to do is use the searches available to you before you list to make sure the deal hasn't been listed.. Use the top search bar and the merchant search to make sure.. I got a slap on the hand when I first joined for not doing this and most of my deals where removed.. You was lucky to get 10 minutes if this was the case..

    check your messages it will tell you why there. sometimes cos their duplicated. Even though you put in the company name and the deal doesn't come up you think it's not been posted, but it has..... I feel your frustration! :thumbsup:


    have you checked your ms, usually if they have time a member of the team will let you know why if it wasnt posted within the said thread

    Only the Mods can tell you why but probably the most likeliest reason was that it was a duplicate of a deal that has already been posted.

    Original Poster

    I havent seemed to have any message either

    contact them or put this mesage in fedback


    what company was it for, not sure how we can help as we dont know what it was

    if it was ielectronix.. well the site was created today, the domain hides lots of links that show its a demo site, prices far tooc heap and the about page has nothing on, like a template.

    and it us registered as an indivdual rather than a uk business.


    You have had a PM a short while ago levis24..
    Locking this now

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