Deal needed for slimline internal DVD -R/+R drive


    Can anyone recommend a good deal on an internal DVD drive for a laptop? The laser in my girlfriend's appears to have died a death unfortunately and the laptop is a couple of years old so I think that it will still be an IDE drive.



    just built a slimline external drive (made up of an internal drive and an external box)

    When looking for the internal drive i didn't find anything amazing, you're looking at around £25-30.

    What i managed to find was someone who was scrapping their laptop and gave me the drive in return for a bag of chips (the sort you put salt and vinegar on - not the memory sort). So thats what i would look for, maybe search freecycle, or ebay (with local pickup).

    Remember to save all the fittings on the old drive


    oh and be careful removing the front panel off the old drive, can snap quite easy

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    Do you need to remove the old panel these days? I remember the on last one I replaced the drive just slid out when a release catch was activated.

    Not quite sure what you mean....
    the drive itself will slide out once you've removed any necessary screws.
    the outside panel are more or less unique to each laptop and would probably need to be swapped.

    once you've removed the old drive....

    i) push a paperclip through the emergency release hole, this ejects the drive drawer.

    ii) The panel on the end, the one with the button, and the drive activity light, can be clipped off. These are normally unique to each laptop. The panel is normally styled to match the rest of the laptop, with curves etc to match the case.

    iii) Once you have the new and old drives side by side you will be able to see what needs removing from the old one, to be attached to the new. Sometimes there are rails and brackets that screw on the end inside the laptop.

    hope that helps

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    Oh do you mean the front bezel or do they use internal holding brackets on the optical drives these days? I need to have a look at the technical manual for her laptop I think.

    Thanks, I'll watch out for that. I remember on my old Compaq though I just released a screw and a catch and the old drive came out and then I put the new one in it's place.

    We managed to get a refurb drive off Ebay for £10 delivered anyway so I'll install it for her this weekend.

    Thanks mate, rep left.

    yes the bezel, that was the word i was looking for! - that needs swapping over

    then apart from that, all the laptops i've worked on have had some sort of internal mounting brackets to hold the optical drive in place.

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    Thanks mate, the chap we bought it from delivered the drive by hand last night anyway and I've installed it for her today, seems to be working perfectly although the bezel did need to be swapped as her original drive just had a standard bezel on it and the other drive which came out of a viao had a really weird and oversized custom one. It was a bit tricky to remove the bezel from her old drive too as one of the clips was being a bit fussy but I got there in the end.

    Thanks again for all your help and have a great weekend.
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