Deal No Deal interactive DVD

Help - soooooooo busy just now with work and home not got time to do my usual checking codes, prices etc - so looking for a little help from HDUK members

Need Deal No Deal Interactive DVD please cheapest price - with vouchers quidco - anything.

I know amazon have it for £11.99 - can anyone do any better?


My copy is quite slow and disappointing..although it may be because I brought it from a chap under the counter.

You have to tediously scroll across to choose which box you want, which is rubbish if you have a 'positive feeling about box 9'.

£11.98 from Sendit. 6% cashback if you use the Quidco link.

HMV with the 3 quid voucher and the 11% quidco.

The game is pants, your always suckered with box no.5 it is very slow to scroll through the boxes you wish to eliminate.

I was dead disappointed with it.

Original Poster

Thanks guys - it's not for me but for my mum as a stocking filler. I find that most interactive DVD games are pretty pants but she's asked for it!
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