Deal or no deal DVD game!

Just a quick message to ask if anyone else was really dissapointed with this slllloooowwwwwww is it when running! Seems like it was rushed out to cash in on crimbo! :x

What you all reckon....?


Yeh i TOTALLY agree with you biggerfella, this is a bad game.

I bought this for my mum and when we stuck it on we were all hoping it was going to be good.
How wrong were we, if for example you want to open box 15 you have to go through every single box to get to it, every game you play lasts about an hour.
Also every like cut off with the crowd clapping or some of the contestants standing behind their boxes takes too long.
For anyone that bought this and hasnt opened it send it back

It is poor thankfully i did not buy it but downloaded it so it cost nothing which is the right price i my opinion.:-D

We played it ONCE and chucked it away !!!

i have it on my mobile, its boring, and slow (but i would expect that on a mobile)


Awww i was really looking forward to getting this, don't think i'll bother now ...

I agree scrolling through the boxes takes far too long, but otherwise I don't think it's too bad.
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