{Deal REQ} Cuddly Badger (Yes I Know That's Bloody Odd)

    I challenge you, HUKD'ers of the world to find me a...

    Cuddly Badger!

    For the Cheapest Price possible!

    This might just be the randomest Deal Request every posted, but i just hope you can find something cheap.

    Please Note, I have no intention of explaining why I wish to purchase a cuddly badger.

    Must actually be Cuddly.
    Must obviously be a Badger.
    Must not be DIY.
    Must be as Cheap as possible INCLUDING Delivery.

    Thanks, Jakg.

    *awaits response*


    You called?

    Original Poster

    2 Questions:

    Are you Cuddly?

    How much do you cost?

    Methinks you might not be the solution, though

    Original Poster

    Bingo, will be ordering when i get in!

    Anyone got any cheaper suggestions?

    Really like the fact the money goes to charity, too!

    me too - and quite cheap considering its for charity!

    Glad I could help

    Think Kelly's idea is brilliant - was going to suggest having a look in Toys'r'us as they do nearly every sort of animal i can think of in their cuddly toys section, but don't think its going to be cheaper than £5 & obviously doesn't go to charity anyway.


    But I'm sure delivery will push the cost up but listed at £3.95


    If you are anywhere near a Center Parcs, the gift shop on site sells all the woodland creatures for £3.95. I understand you are welcome to access the gift shops free of charge.

    I know as my son has the whole collection....I want that daddy! :w00t:

    Original Poster

    The Charity one has £2.50 deliver - any cheaper offers...?

    Original Poster


    kelly_o_fanatic goes to … goes to charity, and only £5

    That is adorable. I'm going to get one for my niece for Christmas.:thumbsup:
    I may end up getting one for me too, coz I'm very weak-willed.:oops:

    Original Poster

    Anyone else...?

    We recently got a cuddly badger for our dog... Try your local pet shop? Be warned, they do squeak though!

    I think it was about £3.


    Wish i took up Taxidermy now................i drove past one earlier.

    As i've missed out on a business opportunity, how about supporting the Badger Trust and buy one from their shop here : ]http//ww…asp

    Original Poster

    Grrrr, ordered aaaaaages ago and it still hasn't turned up!

    Methinks i've been conned *bashes out irate email*

    Did you order from the League website?

    I ordered the badger and fox (unbelievably cute). It turned up on Saturday.
    Both are so well made, especially for £5.

    UltimoScorpion I'm sure delivery will push the cost up but listed at £3.95

    The nici stuff is a great brand! Really soft, high quality and every soft toy has a great personality.

    Need to go do something manly now before i turn into a little girl.
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