Deal request for a deep fat fryer please :)

    Gone on the blink...

    Could simply be a chip fryer rather than an all-round deep fat fryer as that's all it's used for anyhoo...

    Any recommendations for a bargain fryer?? Any recent buys you can point me in the direction of? And meanwhile can someone make me some chips please?

    Thankuuuuuuuuuuu xx


    Argos have a Cookworks Cool Wall deep fat fryer for £14.99. Catalogue number 422/4727

    One at Amazon:
    Hinari Lifestyle £14.97p

    Bacon, eggs, sausage and chips not included

    Delivered for £15 and has a variable thermostat

    Original Poster

    wow thanks to u both!!

    was expecting £30+

    i would recomend one like this:…815

    i have one similar and its so much easier than the other plastic style of one.

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    ty euforier! i fancied one of those, but thought they'd b more expensive!

    Yeah, we've got one of the metal ones.

    Good Morning

    It is fine forsty morning here, and very very very SUNNY ONE TOO!!!!

    Right, if you are serious about fryers then you should invest, I MEAN INVEST in a fry which I bought through following


    the model number I would go for is as follows:-

    Magimix Fryer, Brushed Stainless Steel, 11179

    Which I have, rmeber in DEEP Fryers It the quality COUNTS.



    PS I had bought mine for 86.00 quid from amazon

    She wants to buy a chip pan, not start her own McDonalds franchise! :lol:

    £86!! For a frier? :shock:


    i would recomend one like … i would recomend one like this: have one similar and its so much easier than the other plastic style of one.

    We have the same one, the local supermarket had them as a special for £14.99. Ours is branded Hinari.

    However when the been on a few times the handle falls of the top!

    Still £14.99's worth

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    rofl ducky

    i agree, i don't see it as an investment, rather a plain old bargain i'm afraid my bargain budget won't stretch to that much JUST FOR A FRYER!!! lol

    thanks for the input tho mahmud

    Good Morning

    How ar you today, this silghty cloudly morning but nice and sunny one!!!

    This is the way you should do your chips to get it crispy and dry.

    Of cousre chip, the spudscan be any type it does not matter:_

    Soak them in ice cold water and salt for aprroximately a hour

    Then drain and fry them!!!!

    None will be left on the table

    Remember Thinner the chips more fat in it like Mac's
    Fatter less fat in t.

    Have a try at you will the chips are the best this way DO NOT TELL EVERY BODY.

    Best of frying


    Original Poster

    ooh i wouldn't say use any type of potato...

    nothing like a good ol' maris piper

    Hi Slinks

    Yes it is the the spud for chips but with this method any spud will do.

    Because when in go to Overseas I use this method for my family it works all the time.

    Do not forget I do have a fryer when I am overseas, it is old fashion wok.

    Have go try it!!!!

    Best of Frying!!!!!


    Here is a good offer if you haven't already bought one.…554

    Professional Coolwall Fryer
    ARGOS PRICE £64.99 (autumn winter 05)
    Tradex Price: £19.99
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