DEAL REQUEST: Printer that will print on dvds

    Hi Guys I'm looking to get a new printer that will print on dvds & don't know the first thing about them quality or prices.

    Could you nice people point me in the right direction

    The cheaper the better but quality would be a factor & I would be willing to pay more for that

    If the above makes any sense


    I have a canon multi function (print and scan) that prints on DVDs/CDs great quality , really good photo prints but expensive ink. The current model is the MP 640. for just printing only the iP4700 is less than £100 does photo quality prints and prints to CD/DVD

    +1 for the iP4700

    yes MP 640 for a muiti printer but I think you will find the Canon ip4600 or ip4700 does everything you would want a printer to do. .- print both side, print on CD's - Print borderless prints - has to 2 ways of printing, using the top paper feeder or use the lower paper tray ( you can keep Small photo paper in the lower tray and Plain paper in the Top feeder ) - it uses 5 separate ink cartages ( you can buy cheap none OEM inks or even refill them yourself) even buy buy CIS for it . . . there so many other things that this series of printer offers, for example if you was printing both sides you can adjust the time to allow the first side to dry (if your was using Photo paper ) also set the the border width (for stapling, if you need to make a booklet ,or even set it that you don't have to turn printer it will automatically turn on the printer when you want to print a document . . but the best version of this printer was the ip 5300 & ip 4300 whilst the latest version is good ( I just bought one as a spare) I find the its not as good as the cartridges don't hold as much ink. I have printed 1000's of prints on my present ip5300 ( even bought a replacement head maybe a year or so (£35 ). . . I have only skimmed over a few points of this great little printer, over the years I have had many printers Incl HP Epson and Brother but found canon hard to beat I also have a canon A3 and a HP AO large format printer all using None OEM inks.

    A footnote . . I just gave my ip4600 a maintenance run ( I always give my printers a test run once a month if I have not used them to make sure the printer heads don't block up) and I discovered few other differences between the older ip printers. The new 4600 does not let you use double sided photo paper and the top tray adjusted to the center ( Not to the right hand side of the tray) .The bottom tray does not allow you to use 6x4 or 7x5 photo paper in the bottom tray as with the older model
    This may not bother 99% of every day photos , But still lets us use plain paper both sides but if you print a lot of " Birthday / Personalize cards" using double side PHOTO paper as I do these are important point to look out for. (but can turn over the paper to print both sides if you want)
    So I guess the newer model is not always better . .but still great printer for the price

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    Thanks guys for all the advice
    I'll take a look at the models above
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