Deal required for cheap AA batteries

    For my daughter's toys I was looking for some cheap AA batteries. I dont want it to be very good or long lasting as she never plays with a single toy for more than 2 days, but I will have to keep all the toys running so that she can play with different ones. Thats why I need a deal for at least 10-15 batteries.

    Could you please help me?


    Procell Industrial AA Batteries (Box of 10) £2.21…128

    Extremely well priced batteries. While you don't want long lasting in terms of power, you should probably be concerned about wether the batteries will leak or not if you leave them in something

    There are also cheaper, lower-quality ones at…ies if you want to take a look there.

    poundland everytime
    you can get as many as 8 or ten for a quid!…spx


    You should use rechargables. You can get 4 AA batteries for 1.99 in Lidl at the moment, and a very good charger for 10 quid. That is pretty much unbeatable. Then you can use these dozens of times, and use for all your stuff too.

    You can also buy rechargables in bulk from ebay. Go for NiMh, not NiCd; over 2000mah capacity, higher the better. I always keep some charged up in the draw; they lose charge over time, but seem to work well.

    I have two kids and I got 50 batteries a couple of years ago - they are pretty much used up (in every toy and gadget).

    This will save you a fortune.

    am sure b&q had an offer in store the other day..i think 16 or 20 Duracell were £5-its not online but they had loads..

    I saw a 12-pack of sony batteries in poundland recently

    pound land gets my vote too!

    asda smart price ones.
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