deal section getting out of hand with deals

    yeah we know has got a sale on, so why does every1 insist on posting lots of individual items that are in the sale, its getting out of hand, every other deal is off and is getting annoying


    It's a big sale,the amount of items they sell is huge,so to save fellow bargain hunters time from trawling through the website,if they pick out some choice items then that is fine and dandy as far as I'm concerened:)

    Just ignore them? You don't have to read them?

    They'll slow down a bit soon... there are some stonking bargains, which I would never have seen had they all been in the big thread.

    Ignore them, there's nothing to say that they can't be listed.

    The best deals are running out of stock as soon as they're posted, and are now expired anyway.
    If people think what they are listing is a good deal, then it's fair enough because the "Main" thread will soon run into multiple pages, and you won't find anything in it easily.

    If people post "Bumph" it will either be voted cold, or drop out of site soon enough.

    I think the sale is dissapointing personally.

    If they are all good deals I don't see what the problem is, would you rather someone spend hours trawling through the site and collating all the sale items deemed good and post it all on one post just to save you a little bit of mouse work?
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