Dealership servicing?

    Hi all,

    My 5 yr old toyota yaris is coming up for a yearly service. It only needs a regular 10k service this year. Last year I went through the dealership and it cost me an arm and a leg! Should I go through toyota again or should I just go to a local garage?

    Thanks in advance:thumbsup:


    if you come to sell your toyata yaris a dealer full service history can be worth a bit, just depends how much you have to fork out between local garage an the toyota garage.


    What condition is it in?

    Have you had it from new?

    If it has a full Toyota serviuce history then it may be worth while keeping it that way but if not, then go with a local reputable garage.

    Also if you have more than one Toyota dealership around, try them all - they can vary a lot in price.

    Cheers, Dio

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    Thanks Guys,
    It's in pretty good condition, haven't had it from new though, and has a full service history. The way I'm seeing it at the moment is that I have another 2 years still to pay off the finance, by then will it really still matter if I have a full Toyota service history, it'll be 7 yrs old and have done about 65k miles:?

    its not worth servicing in a main dealership for another 2 years it will cost a fortune and it wont make a massive difference in price when you sell it.

    As ALICOM007suggests, in a couple of years time, a Toyota history will not recoup the cost; just get a good local garage to service it and stamp the book. Keeping receipts for parts will help.

    Cheers, Dio

    with tesco clubcard deals you can get servicing at nationwide auto centres you pay a quarter of the price...well worth considering if you shop at Tesco.
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