Dealextream Problems (Help Please)

    Hi all i ordered some goods from Dealextream 4 Months ago and they have took ma money . My order isnt in my account i have sent loads of Tickets and all they want is my paypal number (I Payed via visa and got a paypal ref number) I gave all this information to dealextream and nothing from them it is like they are ignoring me.

    Does any 1 have some advise on this matter?

    I have considdered ringing them but don't understand how to use there number never rang away from the u.k


    the longest i would wait is 4 weeks then i immediately raise a dispute with paypal. only twice have i needed to do this for missing items on orders and both times paypal issued a refund within a week or so.

    Yeah just tell paypal that you still havent received the goods and wait for your refund. Just dont expect it straight away!

    If it was 4months ago, is it not too late to open a dispute?

    I'm in the same boat, but only for 3's not high value ($82) but it's the principle! I waited for a month or so, then raised a dispute. Unfortunately I forgot all about it and paypal closed the dispute before I could escelate. They now don't answer my support tickets. I have taken to raising one every 2 days, as they say they answer within 48 hours when possible. They will answer me one day!

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    wow dealextream isn't very good wow

    thanks every 1 for ya advice on this matter rep to all thanks again

    does any1 know where to go for the refund on paypal never delt with paypal before

    thanks again

    you need to look at the details of your order, but not quite sure how it works with your payment method...

    Dealextreme are shocking when it goes wrong, but I still use them weekly!!

    Original Poster

    thanks for ya reply

    will have a good luck
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