DealExtream ?? slow order shipping?

    Ordered a thingy card to play backup games on NDSlite…403

    Placed order on the 8th of Nov, the item still hasnt been shipped

    Anyone had any problems with them before?

    Or know of somewhere else that i can order one from? maybe in the uk would be better


    I've 'waited' 2 months or so before!

    Depends if it's in stock.
    I've waited 5 weeks for a DS card, but received several items within 6 days.

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    It's on back order, expected 5th December.

    Cancel it, and order an AceKard 2 instead.

    This DSTT card is in stock. Just needs to order Micro SD somewhere else.…613

    Although the Acekard2 is better. :thumbsup:

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    Tried to cancel but the button is greyed out boobs


    Tried to cancel but the button is greyed out boobs

    Send an e-mail to customer services. It seems that the reason for the delay is the Micro SD cards as stated above.

    Get one via here:…419


    Deal extreme are rubbish!!!. I've lost over 100 quid with them b4!, Avoid at all costs.

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    Just had an e-mail from dealextreme about some faulty TTDS cards they sent me. Just a heads up for anyone having problems.

    Dear neil ,

    Apologies for the inconveniences we created for you.

    After investigations, the problem was found to be caused by incoming
    shipments mixed with cards of both "correct" and "incorrect" PCB boards.
    Because the supplier was trusted the cards were not examined one by one
    to detect the supplier fault. While DX has to re-evaluate how much trust
    to put on PRC suppliers, DX staffs are now checking these cards one by
    one to ensure correctness of all shipments.

    If the item works well, there is no need to return it back, we will give
    you a gift for compensation.

    Thanks a lot.



    ]this one?

    That's the one.

    What about using [url][/url] - they sell similar stuff to dealextreme.....
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