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Found 21st Nov 2007
Hi all .Ordered r4 from Dealextreame and have received an email from Volumerate thanking me for my order.Tried to track my order and site appears to be down.Have ordered from Deal extreme in the past and have had no probs and parts delivered in 7 days .Paypal have confirmed order has been payed.
Has anybody had this in the past and who are volumerate.:?
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i have 4 ordered from them, all shipped
DX and Volumerate are the same company. DX's servers are in the US, Volumerate's servers are in China. When DX got a cease and desist notice, they just shifted orders over to their China-based website to carry on as normal.
I dont think so. There was a thread on their forums the other day (Cant find it now) where they said that volumerate was another company they had "outsourced" the R4DS, etc to. Basically DX get a commision off the order.

found it:…088
The relationship is deliberately unclear. My bet is that legally at least they are separate companies but that DX has at least a partial stake in VM.
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