Found 7th Jun 2008
hi. i just wondered has anyone used them before, how long does delivery take.

also which is the best wii gun will spend £7.
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Regularly, around 7-10 days Not sure about the Wii gun!
yes lots & ditto above !
:thumbsup:i use them every week great prices great range of products delivery take apx 7-10 days on average but couldnt recommend them enough great company
Generally a week or so like others have said. Then again I've had things arrive in a couple of days unbelievably (£1 items too) and the odd thing take weeks (R4s when there was a big shortage)

I'd def recommend them.
About 10 days is my average, although several items have never arrived at all, and several more have been misdescribed. They're a company I think twice about ordering from now.
Yeah they are good and worth ordering from for some items, but not really for anything that needs to be good quality. I ordered some batteries for my cars remote locking, and they were worse than the ones that had been in there for 10 years! But they are so cheap it's worth buying anyway, especially for things like cables where you can't go wrong.
They also have an inetresting range of fake phones...anyone know if these are any good?
thanks for advice, which wii gun do you think is the best
Took under a week (once dispatched) for the 2 times I used them.
No more than two weeks, sometimes quicker.
Used them 3 times now, never waited more than 10 days, usually about a week.
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