dealextreme down....

    I bet theres a million posts open about this but as usual the search function didnt bring anything up other than posted deals.

    So how long has dealextreme been down ? Urgently need to make a order....



    Have you tried: for me.

    Works on and off for me. First time it didn't load at all, second time it only loaded up half the page but it did work the third time.
    Better than nothing though. and aren't working for me at all..

    Original Poster

    Im getting SERVER TOO BUSY alot, if idont get that error i get the page loading but without any pictures showing. Or page not loading at all

    Theyve obviously changed there hosting and getting a really crap service.


    Do we really need a new one of this thread everyday?


    more like 3 everyday :x

    For what it's worth, the reason nothing but deals came up when you searched was because you searched the entire forum, not jst the Misc section. What to do next time is, clicky the Advanced Search link, and in the box that lets you select what forum you want to search, set it only to look in Misc. Should bring the goods up straight away if you do that.

    i feel sorry for the poor guy who posted this
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