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I have purchased three separate low value items from Dealextreme over the past month or two. No of these items have tracking numbers. The two most recent purchases arrived within two weeks of ordering. The first item was purchased over 6 weeks ago and it was stated the item was posted two days after ordering. I have still not received this item. I have raised a ticket with DX with no response. Is there anything else I can do? The item was paid for via paypal.


latest my stuffs been is 4 weeks my last order was 12 days sent on 5 nov arrived couple of days ago .. never had to contact them wish you the best let us know what they say

just remember the time zones in hong kong for your reply time

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Will do.

i bought of these last year never again took 3 months to send an sent wrong stuff in tatty broken boxes.

Ordered some DSTT cards on the 3rd, Received them this morning, I've heard bad stories recently regarding DX but from my experience I suppose I might of been lucky.

bought some tat as christmas presents and it all says 'on order from supplier', been like that for 5 days I need it before christmas !

like i said before usually very good i always allow 4 weeks for the order to complete hopefully the op gets so luck with customer service never had to use CS so feedback when they do would be great


I've stopped using Deal Extreme for these very reasons - Slow and never in stock. Happens with every order.

Obviously some people don't suffer from these problems - usually because they've ordered 2300 NDS cards for resale!

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Now I have escalated via paypal, DX have until the 9th Dec to do something?
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