DealExtreme - Problems?

    Have you had any problems with deal extreme? Are they fair?

    After recommendations on here I ordered 2 micro sd card thingys for my sons aswell as cases for their Ds' and screen protectors, I odered in 2 seperate orders to try to get round it being an expensive package and having to pay duty on it (it worked). But from the first parcel i was missing the 2 micro sd cards, but I had 2 little bookmark thingys to confirm they wuld follow, the second parcel just contained one of the cards.

    I just went through the website to register that it is still missing and the order states it was sent on the same date as the first parcel (2 shipments) i definately didnt recieve it. However they want a photo of all the packaging and all items received, but the first one arrived last week, my sons have opened and used the cases and the screen protectors, they also want a picture of the packaging, but my recycling has gone - being a first time cutomer i didnt realise i would need all this!!!

    Anyway i've just sent a picture of one of the book marks, items due card thingy, but I hope they don't say they wont send it out again because i cant provide all the info. They cost me $31 each.

    Have you experienced this?


    i ordered for first time on august 1st and was a bit miffed it took til the 10 th for them to say order on way and im still waiting for it i only ordered a wii fishing rod, some ds stylus and ds lite cover

    just put a claim in with paypal. we waited 4 weeks with no replies from them a couple of times for a mouse. paypal refunded pretty quickly.


    i always order each item seperately, because of this, although i have never had any problems

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    oh thats an idea many thanks, if i havent had a reply by tommorrow i will do that.

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    i always order each item seperately, because of this, although i have … i always order each item seperately, because of this, although i have never had any problems

    I did order them seperately, but with a case in each order and the protection screens, but they sent all the small bits together, then just one card.

    Anyway hopefully paypal can help - fingers crossed - or one of my boys is going to be upset!!

    we have had no problem with them. They sent something in the wrong colour and they replaced it free of charge following a photo. That just seems to be the way they do it.

    Try emailing them explaining the situation and see if that helps.


    well if everything ordered seperatley just put in a paypal dispute for the item not recieved

    bought some cheap pens with built in torches. They don't work! Stuff is cheap and nasty sometimes and not worth the hassle.

    my stuff came this morning finally, all seems fine
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