Found 21st Jun 2009
I have just made my 1st purchase with them. I have always been pretty synical about offers that seem too good to be true but seeing a few of you showing current goodies on offer, if the site was no good it surely wouldn't be allowed to be promoted. How long does it take them to send stuff to you and what is the quality like? I have just picked myself up 2 screen protectors, a leather mobile phone case and a retractible stylus for under a fiver for my Omnia.

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usually delivered in around a week, some time the quaility is quite poor but most cases its fine,usually dirt cheap so cant complain


not long really, i received my stuff in 2 days and it came from HONG KONG with a Free Delivery. don't know how they manage to deliver so cheap.

would recommend though i have not used them for a while.

In my experience with them, 7 - 10 days.

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Thanx. Seems this is how they manage it then by sending unwanted or crap stuff for very little so nobody complains or has someone actually got something pretty spectacular?

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I have never had a problem with them. Items usually reach me within a week. One of my latest buys was a guitar hero adaptor for the DS lite. It was really cheap and even though it is not a Nintendo branded one it works perfectly. :thumbsup:

we buy from D E all the time never had a problem would recomend:thumbsup:

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Just arrived this morning. I am happy, well worth the wait. Screen protector is as "Martin Fields" quality and the pouch is better than my husbands that cost much more off the market. I will be shopping with DE again.


we buy from D E all the time never had a problem would recomend:thumbsup:

Same here, bought loads of items over the last couple of years, no probs....


Also OP glad your sorted, so many people slate DX....

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I took a chance but I was skeptical as my rule of "If something appears too good to be true, it usually is" did put me off for a while but no point in knocking something without trying. Glad I did.

Never had any issues. Was dubious at first like OP but impressed.
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