Dealing with a Garage that has overcharged you

Posted 24th Sep
Hi Folks,

Need some advice.

I was inadvertently overcharged by a different garage to my usual one when getting my brakes fixed (new discs, pads and calipers)

It's partly my own fault for not fully checking the itemised bill.

Basically I was quoted 850 for some work, which i balked at, so they promised to do it for 750 (i.e 100 discount). I reckon my own garage could have done it for 650, but no availability for 2 weeks.

I picked up the car at end of a rather stressful work day, so I wasn't very alert. They handed over the key and I paid on my credit card then received the itemised bill.

They told me a brake hose hadn't arrived so I will have to get it done at a different time, but rest of work was done.

I checked the itemised bill further when at home to note that the 'discount' was now only 66 and the line items had been reduced to keep the 750 amount we had agreed on. But a notew had been added to say that a new hose was recommended but not taken!

I suspect they will probably charge a whack to do the remaining work (fit brake hose), even though this should have been included in the agreed amount (750).

Classic switch and bait?

How would others resolve this, shall I suggest it must be an honest mistake and push them to do the remaining work free of charge, or push for a further discount/partial refund on work done, and get the last bit of work doen elsewhere.

Any tips from resident car experts?
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mistakes happen, discuss it with them,then decide what to do.
If there’s an issue with workmanship then you may have come back. You had an opportunity to raise the error and didn’t. Cut your loses and go elsewhere.
Verbal contract. If it was an estimate, then obviously it was an estimated amount but a quote is a fixed price for the completed, full job. So even if anything is outstanding to be done at a later date, it is covered within the original quote. X It looks like they did try and shaft you, so go back and be assertive. Good luck. X
Blimey, what car do you own. Even £650 sounds way expensive.
Firstly I would call the garage and speak someone regards to this. See what the response is. As a lot of businesses make errors some are genuine others trying to get as much as they can squeeze out of you then the ones that genuinely charge for the extra work it has taken. See how they respond if they are awkward then you will know the type of garage you are dealing with. Also as above I do think you may have paid to much but again I'm just guessing. You should try sites like whocanfixmycar to see what garages are pricing for the same work to know if you are paying over the odds. Always a good idea to get more quotes
Call them, tell them about the price quoted before the work was carried out. If they refuse to accept that verbal agreement then go back to your local garage. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.
cheers all, I guess I made some rash decisions yesterday, I shall see what's possible.
Hold on a minute. You verbally agreed £750 to do the pads, discs and calipers? they've done the job in question, but have mentioned (for safety reasons) that a brake line was damaged/perished and ideally needs changing?

The break line wasn't part of your original quote. And a brake line isn't something you normally change without physically checking it to see that its damaged/perished. A quote to replace your brakes is just that.. To replace your brakes(the parts you highlighted). Not the brake line, thats an additional cost. Also, why do you need new calipers? thats not something you normally change unless they're siezed.

It sounds like you have a sour taste in your mouth thinking that you MAY of paid £100 more than your regular garage (no proof to back that up) and are now wanting to get everything to do with the brakes fixed under the agreed quotation (which didn't include the brake hose). By the sound of the garages prices, the brake line will likely cost over £100, you have to take into account brake fluid, and a mechanic spending time to pump the air out. Its not a 5 minute job.

I didn't realise garages charge this much to do brakes. I just done rear discs and pads on my car myself for a whooping sum of £60. I am really in the wrong business.
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MonkeysUncle24/09/2019 11:00

Blimey, what car do you own. Even £650 sounds way expensive.

sadly even eurocarparts had the parts alone adding up to 450 before labour.
luvadealme24/09/2019 12:19

sadly even eurocarparts had the parts alone adding up to 450 before labour.

Did you check the prices on the eurocarparts website after applying the discount code. As Eurocarparts is very overpriced without code and even then it's still more expensive then its sister company.
yep, after discount applied. It was for a 15 year old car we inherited and been unloved for a while, hence the grinding brakes!
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To fit breaks its £40 for front 2
Misslovely24/09/2019 12:40

To fit breaks its £40 for front 2

Lol you’re just thinking about the pads, it’s the discs and callipers which add to cost + labour. That’s still pretty expensive though.
On the front it takes about 20mins per side to change caliper, grease pins etc, lob new pads and disc on then bleed.

Not that garages will tell you it's a quick job.
What do you have (if anything) in writing?
If brake line included in the original quote then check they will do the work included for no charge; if not then get a price and decide from there. If nothing in writing the quote / estimate still valid, but just that much harder to establish whether the line was or was not included
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