Dealing with Alcoholics

    Does anybody have a alcoholic family member, and how best it is to deal with them?

    my dad really gets on my nerves when hes had a drink, I don't live with him but I swear its getting worst. He's always liked a drink but now i'd say he probably drinks a half to a full bottle of vodka a day, although I cant say exactly as I'm not always here. He does work and I don't think he gets much of a hangover, problem is he has health problems already (most a result from drinking).

    He goes through stages when he's had a drink too; happy/silly, angry, moody, sad, then self pity, all over the course of about an hour or two. He becomes all negative, talking about how c**p his life is, etc.....Then the next day he doesnt remember what he did the night before.

    I can't stand being with him when hes had a drink, I find myself hating him more and more as a result of having a drink. Hes whole persona changes, basically he becomes a complete d**k, i purposely avoid going to see him in the evening as a result, only comming in the day but even then he has a drink by 12.

    Just want to know if other ppl have dealth with this who might be in a similar situation, tried talking to him about it but most of the time hes had a drink anyway, saying nothing wrong with having a drink every now and then.


    i have a family member like that. Hes my cousin, he has even stole bottles from other member of the family. He's a nice guy, but alchohol rules his worth. Other family member give him days work he just takes the complete mick, he either turns up drunk , or doesnt turn up at all as he was too drunk from the night before.
    Such a shame for him, he has nothing and looks like he never will. He has tried the whole rehab business but he goes straight back to it, its such a shame he wil never change though.

    no experience but i must say this drinks a half to a full bottle of vodka a day, although I cant say exactly as I'm not always here. He does work does worry me, I wonder how many people out there put others at risk because of the amount of alcohol in their system the following morning, just hope its not a job where others could get hurt through his impairment, if it was a driving job or one using machinery I would be inclined to get very personally involved, every day we put our lives into other people hands and this kind of irresponsibily needs to stop, he could be the driver of the bus my children ride on, rant over

    i have a very close family member who drinks. They drink alot and sometimes i ring them at work and i can tell they have had quite a bit. They also have driven while drunk (because they think they are invincible and that no one must know they are drunk) One time they nearly wrote off there car whilst apparently in a supermarket car park and hit a bollard. They were unhurt but the car was badly damaged. They also broke there shoulder by being so drunk at a works do they fell over. I rarely let them have my daughter over as have been there a few times (them knowing we are coming over) and they have had a few. Im at my wits end and no longer know what to do.

    my son is a recovering alchoholic. It got to the stage if i called himand could tell he was drinking i would put the phone down. I could not handle his change of personality when he was drunk. Hes a teddy bear now sober, but a right git when drinking.
    im very proud of the way hes come out the other end.
    He also knows i wont have my children around him if he has had even 1 drink and have actually, walked out with them. Because he had a drink.

    ive got to be carefull with drink, there is a large history of alcohol addiction in my family, i only drink on nights out


    ive got to be carefull with drink, there is a large history of alcohol … ive got to be carefull with drink, there is a large history of alcohol addiction in my family, i only drink on nights out hence I'm rarely at home and end up in other people's beds


    Unfortunately when someone is addicted there isnt much others can do.

    Alcoholics Anonymous also have groups for the families of alcoholics. They give advice and support. Imo to understand how to cope with this situation, they may be the best solution. They give people a chance to talk to others struggling with alcoholic family members, and hear how they cope.

    Good luck,Chidda:thumbsup:

    my mum doesnt drink everyday but she drinks fri-mon every week non stop,she even wakes in the night and drinks more sometimes she can drink for days solid,she has a heart of gold normally but the drink turns her bitter and twisted she has caused endless problems but ive just accepted now she will never change and i just make sure i dont answer the phone to her or anything when she has had a drink cant be bothered listening to it and dont want to waste any more of my life worrying about mum has been like this as far back as i can remember as a child i would have to put her to bed etc and wouldnt be able to sleep as i would worry she would be sick

    i dont think many people like this will change unless they really want to and admit they have a problem.the drink will always come mum doesnt even care any more about her drunken antics she doesnt seem bothered what she has said or done to anyone she just shrugs about it

    good luck op hope ur dad may change one day

    unless they want help to stop drinking and have a reason 2 do so then no matter what help you get them it wont work -my other half was drinking 6 litres of white lightning cider a day and the threat of losing me and the children made him seek help and hasnt had a drink for 5 yrs . my brother who is the same age (40)lives at home with my dad has had numerous partners all with kids ( none his ) and they all have had injunctions on him as he is a nasty violent drunk but 1 of the nicest kindest blokes when sober has had the same help but has nothing or no-one to give up for . i shopped him for drink driving he was 5 times over the legal limit got 18mth ban and probation and lost his job earning 400pd a wk .he makes my dads life hell was horendous when my mum was dying of lung cancer and sometimes i think it would be better if he drank his self to death .good luck

    No experience myself regarding friends/family but i have witnessed a worker on a construction site who drank cans of special brew every morning for his breakfast followed by a liquid lunch.

    You can tell by looking at him he has a problem.the red face,very gaunt and no regard for his personal appearance.

    Talking to him one day, he told me he has a bottle of cider on his beside table for when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

    In my opinion alcohol addiction is as bad as drug addiction :thumbsup:
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