Deals needed For New Home Please..

    Hi my fellow HotUk'ers

    I've just bought a house and was wondering if there was any good deals on for pretty much everything house related as I need to gut it!

    Mainly looking for:

    cheap, nice tiles
    Solid oak doors, skirting boards etc.
    Oak furniture (dining table etc)
    Bathroom suites (shower type)

    Based in Birmingham so needs to be fairly local please.
    Seen some nice stuff in Homebase and B&Q, but wondering if I could get it cheaper as money is going to be quite tight.

    Thanks in advance.


    my son got tiles in our tile wizard-i mean theyre so cheap its silly i think £1 a metre but dont quote me. I guess you have a tile wizard?
    look at argos ebay? i have seen the leather chairs im sure £50 for 2 and the table £60 i think so thats a bargain.
    Bathroom suites-not B&Q o/h says as the baths are thin..he has just replaced one a customer went through!


    Ikea is good.

    Can you wait for the January sales?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for info so far.


    Yeah could wait for the 'sales' but I know VAT is going up and last year there wasnt really any better offers after criggy.


    I'll have a search for tile wizard - Thanks.

    Keep em coming please.

    I had a friend who also bought a house which had to be gutted....she went to B & Q and Homebase, asked to see the manager and told him the story, and asked for discount as she would be spending a fair amount of money. One flatly refused, but the other offered 15% discount on all her purchases. Sorry, but I can't remember which one gave the discount. Worth a try tho....good luck in your new home

    Original Poster

    Thanks Karagh - Will have to pop down and ask, they can only say no I spose

    In fact a relative I think has a 10% discount card which can be used on Wednesdays (for OAP's I think). Might try and strike a deal and see if I can 'Combo' the discounts lol.

    Don't blame me, you guys and gals at HOT UK have got me always wanting more from deals

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    B&Q trade is 20% but im not sure what you need to join..
    dont take it that its always cheaper tho as some offers dont count to trade like the paint bogofs etc
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