Deals on Fragrance & Chocolates - Instore?

    Hi all,

    Am flying abroad tomorrow, got to get few stuffs for my mates like Fragrance & Chocolates.. any good deals happening anywhere? Would be interested in Instore .. as I won't have time for delivery..!!

    Any heads up would be much appreciated.. not good with brands so if you can recommend me some good one's and point me where to grab them cheaper!



    tk maxx were doing cheap perfume in their 'final clearance' most of it gone but if you are lucky you might hit on some 'be' or 'one' at a good price. Or try department store sales, I've hit on a few good buys before in that type of shop when they have had 20-30% off everything.

    forget price. for choc, cadburys bars from any supermarket is always a good buy for foreign mouths.Swiss and Belgian stuff is vastly over rated.

    perfumes-boots?superdrugs?home bargains?
    chocos-as badgerpelt suggested supermarkets or u could try home

    Thorntons have offers on loads of their boxes of chocs instore-they also had them in Boots cheap.

    boots and the perfume shop have fragrance sales going on

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    Thanks all for the tip, off to shopping! Much appreciated! Rep added :-D
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