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    Are there any deals for a good bike around the £200 mark. will be using it for road use and some off road use, maybe on heaths.

    Many Thanks

    9 Comments have some great deals on bikes at the moment, I take it you after a peddle bike and not a motorbike?…076
    This bike was £239.99, now £119.99.:thumbsup:
    Toysrus have some great deals on bikes at the moment.
    For example this bike was £239.99 now £119.99 :thumbsup:

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    Yes push bike! Many thanks

    I would not buy a bike from toysrus if you are a little serious about biking. I do mountain biking and I got mine from Halfords (Carrera Kraken - hardtail, front suspension, hydrolic brakes etc.) when there was a deal approx. 2 years ago (It was £250). Same bike is now £400 however there is 10% discouunt. If you can wait then there will be better discount towards the end of the year (you can buy a second hand bike just to bridge the gap and sell it). This bike reviewed by MBUK magazine and considered to be equivalent to £800 bike. I took this bike twice to Wales Afan Forest Park for mountain biking and I even did Black Run with this bike and it is still robust and working fine. I hope this helps.

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    Yes, toyrRus did worry me a bit hence the "GOOD" in the question. will look out for your recommendation.


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    Any more updates?

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    Thanks, been looking at this: ]http//ww…con

    Any good?
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