Deals on LCD TVs 32" or 37", do i need 1080p? - Advice needed please!

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    I have been in a dilema now for about a month looking for a deal on LCD TVs. I am looking to buy a 32" or a 37", I have a 32" now, but would like to go larger - depenant on the deal. The thing stalling me is, how importantant is 1080p, is this cruical for future technology? Forgive my ignorance on this one. I have a maximum budget of £450. I would welcome advice and suggestions if you could be so kind..


    From the reading I've done and the advice I've seen on here, the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 32" screen is almost undetectable at normal viewing distances, but can be seen if you're a couple of feet from the TV (which most people won't be). Its only when you get up to the 40"+ screen where the difference is more obvious. I think full 1080p HD sets are few and far between at 32" anyway aren't they?

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I have seen both 720p and 1080p for 32" and 37" but have a probelm when deciding if it is worth paying the extra for 1080p. I have asked my friends some say I must get 37" 1080p and others say there is no need and to get a deal on a 32" 720p. I thought I would try you guys. If it makes little difference then the answer is a 720p.

    Agree completely with Chris. Most of this "Full HD" is marketing from the TV makers to give the technofreaks a reason to update from their already perfectly good "HD Ready" LCD.

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    Ok, so if 720p will suffice. Has anybody seen any good deals on a 32" or 37" LCD? What is the best I can get for £450?…di/

    thats just been posted and looks very good! bit bigger than you wanted but it is full HD and within budget

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    Thanks Chris, 37" is the biggest i could probaby go due to the location of the TV. Looked like a good deal. Although I have been warned to avoid polaroid...

    ]This looks pretty good to me both in terms of the Tv and the price. Just depends IF you have a store near you and IF they have stock.

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    I will call my local store. That does look a good deal. Thank you.

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    Called and they have stock picking it up tomorrow. Mission accomplished. Thank you for your help.:thumbsup:

    Nice one. I hope you're pleased with it.
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