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Posted 1st Sep 2021
Hi guys,

I have been a member here a very long time but I don't post deals and here's the reason. The mods are heavy-handed.

The first deal I posted was for a TV that had drop in price everywhere that day but on one site if you added to the basket a code got auto added and price went down. I said this in the post but it got taken down because "deal wasn't live yet". They hadn't read the post or tried to put it in the basket. It turns out the code was left on by mistake from when the price was higher and it got spotted that same day. So by the time hotdeals decided the deal was ok there was very little time for people to get it.

The second one was this morning for a new limit Lego set. First time it went though ok but I decided to add more details to help people understand what the deal was. This meant it wanted into moderation again. This time it was taken down because "it isn't the cheapest". This is because there thought a yellow non limited one was the same as the blue limited one. You just had to read the post or looked at the items to see that they were different but no hotdeals knows best. The post was getting hot and people were understand that a set at rrp was a "hot deal".

Where don't the mods give people the say, if it doesn't work or if it can be got cheaper people will soon vote cold.

It puts people off posting deals which is bad for everyone on the site. I have used this site lots over 15 years and got lots of great deals and got lots of thing I didn't need. I am sorry I have not returned the favour to all the people who posted helpful things for me. But I have tried, but won't again.
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