Deals/Advice On New Build Gaming Rig

    I'm looking for a barebones unit to couple with a decent graphics card to make a decent gaming rig (probably for Bad Company 2). Looking for 'bang for buck' over 'OMG so pretty & fast'.

    I've been looking at this Quad core but am unsure if the CPU and motherboard are any good.

    Any advice?


    Hi mate,

    I read the custom pc magazine, and they have page on the with advices see if u like it..…0/2

    then there a barebone system on overclokers of the amd 250

    this is a good choice because it very oc(overclokable)

    what u think

    Original Poster

    Looking at the AMD Phenom ii 555 black edition CPU now due to it's potential for unlocking the disabled cores, and overclocking ability.

    What I really need now is advice on the type of motherboard I should be looking for. I know I need ACC, however after a bit of research on the web i'm not sure all versions of ACC can be used on this chip. I've also read I should be looking for boards with a Southbridge 750 chip, are these common/inexpensive?

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