Dealxtreme tax?


    If I buy something off dealextreme and its going to be a large package will I have to pay import tax?


    If it's over £18 then possibly.

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    What about if its ems delivery, will that make a diffrence?

    had about 6-7 consignments, never hit for tax & duty.
    could be luck, you pays your money....


    Unless its for an expensive item, rather than lots of individual items, you'd be better to take away the gamble and make several orders. Its free shipping, so nothing to lose and everything to gain. Its how I tend to order from them anyway.

    They are usually customs friendly - but that is no guarrantee.

    Still waiting for my Nov '07 order to arrive!

    I don't know about tax, mebbies six inch nails in their eyes if I had my way.

    anyone bought one of them iphone clones from them and got away without paying customs?

    Guess u mean this?
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