Dear Miriam...


    I agree with Miriam:-D


    Maybe all us women need a man who wears our clothes etc., least they won't complain when we go out shopping for new stuff:thumbsup:

    miriam should Get A Grip. at least her husband was wearing her clothes. it could have been worse. he could have been wearing another woman's clothes, or worse, he could have been about to wear another woman's clothes, having taken them off her ......

    and she should get a new car. second hand cars are sooooooo cheap nowadays. i'm sure the HUKD forum can help there too.


    i obviously need to go to sleep now.

    That is definitely letter of the day!, lol!

    Hmm I dont like the way that Miriam has assumed the car has a carb, it could be a diesel!

    class :-D

    LMAO :giggle:

    :giggle: :giggle: Wonder if she got her car fixed? :giggle: :giggle:

    I wonder if her husband was any good at putting on eyeliner :thinking:


    I wonder if her husband was any good at putting on eyeliner :thinking:

    Well, he certainly isn't a shadow of his former self:roll:

    [SIZE=2]classic :w00t: [/SIZE]

    He was a transit van?

    Is this from a Viz??? Very much in their style if not LOL!!!

    Fresh from this months viz, along with some old classics a la pathetic sharks...

    Undoubtedly the finest toilet reading material in the world.

    Thanks Don, that made me LMAO. :lol:
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