debenhams £15 to say thankyou (misprint)

i know the voucher has been posted , but on my voucher which was sent through the post there is an error . on the front it says save £10 on a £25.00 spend or more but in the small print on the back it says save £10 on a £50.00 spend. anyone else noticed? or tested it out?


I've just posted the same question, i've received the same voucher from Debenhams as well. I think we'll both just have to give it it try and see if we can get away with it!

Good luck!

Moved to misc, this is not a voucher in and of itself.

yup mine says the same you never know you might get some till jockey who doesnt have a clue then you can argu ethe toss with them over it

i thought this too - however there is a barcode on the back that they will probably have to scan - whatever is on the system will probably overide whatever is printed on the voucher!
and let's not forget that it is Debenhams! - so wouldn't expect too much in the way of bending of the rules for customer service!
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