Debenhams 'out of stock' for months !

Found 11th Jul 2010
A few months ago I complained to Debenhams customer services that items in their sale section were constantly out of stock,but continued to appear. I even asked the lady who replied to check it out herself in case there was a fault my end,but no luck. The biggest 'culprit' then was school clothing.
Has anyone else found this happening ?
For the past few months kids character socks (Dora, Peppa etc) have been displayed as reduced price £ 1.20 for a pack of two,but if put in the basket up comes the message about insufficient stock.Is there a logical explanation for this ?
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I know what you mean, i too have been waiting for those socks, and a few other items to come back into stock, just seems like they dont update their website very well.

Perhaps the could get the HUKD team to give their website an overhaul. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
yes, they've sold out. get over it and move on
Not just debenhams!!..... have you tried argos !!!.....they are worse .
As above i complained to Argos once as a certain bedroom range i was interested in would appear in every sale they had and it was never in stock anywhere,they apologised and said they'd take it off the site,must be some sort of ploy !
yep annoys me too looks like its in stock then the dreaded red writing appears goes on for months sometimes ur right
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