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Found 30th Jan 2009
The new clearance section of for discounted prices, all year round.…OUS
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Its probably the same old rubbish thats in it all year round too from debenhams almost permenant sales, like my local store which has a clearance corner where the stock never changes......still trying to get rid of shorts from last summer...... Voted cold
some good deals's deffo NOT all rubbish...heat added
Moved to MISC as this isn't a deal on a specific item, instead it's more information about a new retail section on the Debenhams website, thanks.
It's stuff from Christmas sale also. It's got some good stuff just a case of will it arrive or will it be cancelled. I got a shirt for a work and 2 pillows delivered today for £12. This was with 20% off code and free delivery code.
I brought a really nice top off of Debenhams clearance online a few weeks ago and could not believe the state it arrived in! There were torn holes and pieces of what looked like sticky label stuck to the top which was of a sheer fabric which can easily be torn so somebody had obviously had a label on it and tried to peel it off and made holes when trying to peel it off! But what a disgrace to send something out like that and why send it out in the first place and not tell me, which is why i leave my contact telephone number!! I also ordered a pair of 7 shoes and what did they send me, size 5 even though on the box it was labelled up size 7!! Clearance hey! There is only one reason for there to be a section called clearance!!
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